Ergonomics has become a very big part of every employer's responsibility.  Having a safe work environment as well as instruction in doing the job in the best anatomical position will minimize  injuries and increase dealer productivity to boost your bottom line. 

Youth soccer players

What are your customers saying about your business and your employees?  Word of mouth is worth much more than any marketing strategy.  Make sure your customers are giving positive reviews.  Are your employees aware their behavior and personality impact the customer's experience in your club?  These days we cannot take the customer for granted.  Make sure your employees know how to treat them right.

Injuries = $$

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Train for Success 

Title 31 is one of the most important programs in your casino.  Violations can lead to severe financial penalties for you and your employees.  Are your employees aware of the cash handling regulations?  Are they following them?   While these procedures seem cumberson and tedious, proper training will minimize the risk of making  costly mistakes.  Compliance is essential to keeping your gaming license.

´╗┐Your employees are your best asset.  Trained employees are priceless.  Effective training translates to better customer service which translates to happier customers which translates to more revenue.  While your staff might be doing a good job, effective training can refresh their skills .

  Train for Success

  Is your staff the best they can be?

  Title 31

  Are you compliant?

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  Are your employees working safely?

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  Are your customers taken care of?

  Title 31 Compliance