Meet the team . . .

We have over 25 years in Casino Management. We specialize in:

  • Training program design and implementation
  • Compliance program management
  • Title 31 process management
  • Workplace safety and ergonomics
  • Dealer rotation and scheduling for cost containment
  • Customer service quality
  • Food and beverage service management and staffing

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer effective training to casinos who want to improve the consistency of their staff to enhance customer service and processes. 

Christine Zinn


I have been in the casino and food and beverage industry for over 35 years.  I have been everything from a dealer to a member of the management team.  My education includes a BA in Physical Education, a MS in Psychology, and two certifications in Ergonomics (CEES, CEAS). It is an industry that has  fascinated me and I love every facet of it. I have always strived to help every employee be the best they can be to benefit the casino and themselves.