Train to Gain

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   Title 31 and Cash Handling Training
  • What is Title 31? 
    • We will explain the Federal Regulations and how they affect your business.
  • What are the regulations? 
    • We will offer a simplified explanation in easy-to-understand terms so your casino can be in compliance.
  • Why is it important? 
    • We will explain the penalties for not following the regulations and who is affected.
  • Who needs this training? 
    • We will train you and your employees in best practices of Title 31.
  • How does Title 31 training and compliance go together?
    • We will help you understand the differences in these terms and what each one means and how they tie together.
  • What is casino fraud?
    • We will explain casino fraud and how you and your employees can recognize it.
    • We will help you understand what should be done when it is discovered.
  • What is currency transaction reporting and Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS)?
    • We will help you and your staff use the Multiple Transaction Logs (MTLs) so the information gathered is comprehensive and accurate.
    • We will educate you and your staff to understand what the "MICS" are and how to avoid penalties for non-compliance.
   Dealer Training
  • What is customer service and why is it important?
    • Customer service is making sure your customer's needs are being met.  When your customers are happy they will return.  Happy customers also tell other people how well they were treated which will bring in more business.
  • Who needs customer service training?
    • Every single employee needs customer service training; everyone from the front-of-the-house to the back-of-the-house.  Whether your employees come in direct contact with your customers or not, they should be trained in providing good customer service. 
  • How does good customer service translate to a better bottom-line?
    • When the customer is happy they will play longer and enjoy the experience.  When the customer stays longer fewer tables break so that means more revenue. 
    • Customers are necessary for your business to survive.  Happy customers ensure your business will thrive.
  • Whose job is customer service?
    • Again, it is every employee's job to provide excellent customer service.  Customer service is the number one reason people decide where to play.  "If you don't take care of your customers, someone else will."
   Ergonomics and Injury Prevention
   Customer Service
  • How does ergonomics relate to injury prevention?
    • Ergonomics is defined as "a science that deals with designing and arranging things so people can use them easily and safely."  When employees work ergonomically correct, there is less chance they will develop bad habits which will lead to pain.  When an employee experiences pain, they begin to adapt their work style to relieve the pain.  This just transfers the problem to a different area of the body. 
    • Proper dealing procedure will help minimize the improper body positions that result in pain. 
  • Who needs to know about ergonomics?
    • Every employee needs to be aware of proper ergonomics for their job.  Each job is different and  needs to be closely observed to design the most effective , ergonomically correct workstation.
  • How do good ergonomics minimize workman's comp claims?
    • Most workers do not seek help at the first sign of their discomfort.  They will wait until they cannot perform any longer before they bring it to someone's attention.  By then, more damage is likely to have happened.  By the time it reaches this point, it can possibly become a workman's comp situation.  The goal is to avoid these claims whenever possible.
  • Why is dealer training important?
    • We will help you understand the importance of dealer consistency.
    • Following the procedures can enhance the productivity of each dealer. 
  • How do procedures and consitency translate to a better bottom-line?
    • The procedures for each job should be written so the most efficient methods are used.  With efficiency comes consistency which means the staff can confidently perform their job.
  • How do you develop good procedures for your dealing staff?
    • We will evaluate the job of the dealer and what you hope to accomplish with every hand.  From this we will develop procedures to reach your goals and get the results you want.
  • Do you have a comprehensive dealer manual?
    • It is important for each new dealer to know what is expected of them.  A procedure manual will help every dealer do the same thing and know how to handle themselves at the table.  We can help you write the manual or review the one you currently have.
    • The MICS requires a manual for the dealing procedures.  We will make sure it is the format the city and state accepts.  This will keep you in compliance.